Patrik Dubovský: Concerns of Bratislava State Security before the 1st Anniversary of Candle Manifestation

One year after the Candle Manifestation, the State Security elaborated The PLAN of safety measures to hinder the first anniversary of the disallowed demonstration prepared by an illegal church on 25 March 1988 to be misused. The State Security connected the day of 25 March 1989 with the feast day of the Holy Saturday and lighting candles in churches. The State Security feared that the clandestine church could organise a meeting with lighted candles on 25 March 1989 again. But Fatima association did nothing, its leaders and other activists of the clandestine church were monitored by the State Security and probably preventive measures of the regime took effect. However, there was an anonymous Declaration of Bratislava Catholics about 25 March 1989 published on the 1st anniversary of the Candle Manifestation containing words: "In the atmosphere of the Holy Saturday we want to commemorate the meeting that took place one year ago, when churchgoers bravely expressed their religion and their natural requests."